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Today, one of the best ways to expose sensitive conversations (without publicly posting them) is by using standard SMS. Many people know this fact and have shifted their focus to using other message-sending options, such as iMessage and Android Message. But are these apps 100% reliable for sending protected text messages to your friends and family?

Although both iMessage and Android Message are effective, you can’t fully rely on them to help you send secure messages. Here’s why:

  • As amazing as iMessage is, you’ll only get the desired result if you (the sender) and the recipient use the iMessage app.
  • The end-to-end encryption of messages on Android Message will only work if both parties (the sender & recipient) turn on their encryption settings. Anything aside from this is the same as sending your message through SMS.

If both iMessage and Android Message are not 100% reliable, then how exactly can you send secure notes or secure messages to another person? In this case, we’ll advise you to consider using a reliable third-party secure message app, such as

  • How exactly do third-party secure messaging apps compare to both iMessage and Android Message?
  • Why should you consider using today?

You’ll discover all you need to know about these secure text-related questions as you read on.

Here’s all you need to know about using the best third-party message app

Unlike Apple and Google, which can’t provide 100% protection for your messages, you need to understand that certain third-party apps and online services will reliably secure your conversations. These apps, which are known to offer end-to-end message encryption, can help you send secure texts to other people regardless of their devices.

A good example of a reliable third-party online service for sending secure messages is The good thing about this messaging platform is that it doesn’t store your message. In addition, it’ll also keep your notes and messages protected, ensuring that no one can intercept them.

How exactly does Tornote work?

In case you don’t know, is a free & secure way to send messages, files, and notes to your friends, family members, or business associates. This online service works by using end-to-end encryption and a link, which automatically expires after the recipient has gained access to it. This free cloud messaging service works with the help of an encrypted SSL tunnel.

  • The good thing about this online messaging service is that it doesn’t require you or the message recipient to create a Tornote account. Instead, all you need is to open on your browser to start enjoying this service.
  • As earlier mentioned, Tornote works by using end-to-end encryption and a link. This link automatically expires as soon as the recipients download the file or view the message. After expiration, they won’t have access to the link anymore.

Why should you consider today?

Of course, there are tons of reasons why using is worth it today. We currently live in a world where prying eyes can easily intercept our communications. Some of these criminals make use of different types of spy apps. Another option is the use of the signaling system No. 7 (SS7) interception approach to spy on your conversations. To avoid all of these things, you need a third-party secure message app, such as Tornote.

With Tornote, you’ll be able to use Protected text, which only your recipient will have access to. This text can’t be read by other people except the person it’s intended for. You can visit the official website today to learn more about how you can freely send private texts and secure messages to other people.

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