How to Help a Loved One Who Has Been Arrested

Arrest of a loved one is a stressful event, particularly when you don’t know how to deal with the situation and what to expect.  Upon receiving a call from the police station you might get less information about the arrest and you might miss out on some information as well. What can you do in such a situation? You will probably be in a situation where you are not certain what action to take next.

There can even be cases when you don’t even know if your loved one has been arrested. After the arrest, they take the offender to jail and record all the information. After that information is uploaded on the website or database of the police station. From there you can have information whether your loved one has been arrested or not. 

However, people get arrested on a daily basis., so you are not the only one experiencing such a situation regarding your loved one. It is hard and painful to deal with this arrest situation but there are a few steps that you can take to deal with it.  

1. Talk to the District Attorney’s Office

This office can assist you with information regarding the time, day, and date of your loved one’s presentation in front of the judge for trial. And if someone was arrested while driving. Then in such a case, you need to figure out about the person’s car as well and how to get that car released. 

2. Attend Arraignment Hearing

After the arrest of the person, he/she is to be presented before the judge within the timespan of 24-48 hours. After presenting in front of the judge in the court, either the individual can plead guilty or not guilty. The third situation can be of no content when the court declares no trial. After that, the judge will assess if the person is not at flight risk then the judge will set bail at that point. The bail granted depends on the type of crime, serious charges of crime mean the higher bail is set.

You can make full payment to get your loved one released on bail until the decided court date. In case you don’t have enough financial resources to arrange for the bail then you can get the help of bail bonds chula vista ca, to help you regarding bail arrangements. 

3. Get in Touch with A Bondsman

A bail bondsman is a service of helping people with bail for their loved ones when they don’t have enough money or resources to afford one by themselves. There are certain conditions and paperwork that need to be filled out to continue the procedure. 

4. Get an Experienced Attorney Hired

The court proceedings decide what will be the next step after the arrest of the person. Therefore, hiring an attorney can enhance the chances of saving your loved ones by building a strong case. A professional criminal defense lawyer is aware of the laws and can deal with your case on your behalf.

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