Fun and Educational Toys for Kids: Magna-Tiles and Playmobil in Canada

Finding fun, creative and educational toys for kids can be a challenge for parents. Two popular toy brands that check all those boxes are Magna-Tiles and Playmobil, which offer engaging and open-ended play experiences that spark imagination and learning. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes Magna-Tiles and Playmobil unique and where you can shop magna tiles in canada and shop playmobil in canada to get your hands on these great toys.

Magna-Tiles – Magnetic Building Tiles

Magna-Tiles are a magnetic building tile system that allows kids to build elaborate 2D and 3D creations. The plastic tiles feature both straight edges and curved shapes, along with squares, triangles, pentagons and more. Each colorful tile has magnets embedded around the edges, allowing them to connect securely from any angle.

This open-ended magnetic tile play encourages creativity, spatial reasoning, shape and color recognition and motor skills. Kids can follow suggested build cards to construct specific designs, or let their imagination run wild and build whatever they dream up. Structures can be built both vertically and horizontally, allowing for houses, animals, vehicles, buildings and more.

Magna-Tiles first hit the market in the early 1990s and have maintained steady popularity due to their high-quality design and magnet strength. The tiles feature durable ABS plastic that withstands drops and abuse from enthusiastic builders. And the enclosed magnets provide a strong connection while still allowing for easy reconfiguration of designs.

Sets are available in a variety of tile counts, ranging from basic starter sets with just 32 pieces to elaborate kits with 100+ tiles. Larger sets include specialty pieces like arches, ramps, wheels and windows for even more design possibilities. Magna-Tiles are recommended for ages 3 and up.

Where to Buy Magna-Tiles in Canada?

Magna-Tiles can be found both online and in-store at major retailers across Canada:

  • Mastermind Toys – This educational toy store offers the full range of Magna-Tile sets available, with free shipping on orders over $75.
  • Indigo/Chapters – Find select Magna-Tiles kits in-store or online for pickup or delivery.
  • – A wide selection of Magna-Tiles is available with free Prime shipping.
  • Walmart – Basic and larger Magna-Tiles sets can be purchased online or in-store.
  • Best Buy – This electronics retailer surprisingly stocks some of the more popular Magna-Tiles kits.
  • Toys R Us – The iconic toy store carries a variety of Magna-Tiles products online and in their stores.

The best availability and prices for Magna-Tiles in Canada is typically online. Be sure to compare prices between retailers and take advantage of any sales or promotions. If you’re looking to shop Magna Tiles in Canada, consider exploring online options for the best deals.

Playmobil – Engaging Play Sets and Figures

Playmobil is another classic European toy brand that promotes open-ended, imaginative play through highly detailed play sets and figures. Founded in Germany in 1974, Playmobil is best known for their 2.5 inch human figures with distinctive Playmobil grins. These little people populate a wide range of thematic play worlds including knights, pirates, hospitals, schools, zoos and many more.

Playmobil playsets provide kids with an anchor scenario and environment along with figures and props to act out their own unique stories. A Playmobil pirate ship, for example, comes with a vessel, rigging, cargo, cannons and pirates and islanders to crew the ship and befriend or fight with. Kids are free to ignore the pirate theme entirely and use the pieces in other creations if they choose.

This open-ended play allows kids to build narrative, cooperation, strategic thinking and a wide variety of developmental skills. Playmobil is recommended for ages 4 and up. As little hands grow more dexterous, they can handle the smaller pieces and engage in more complex scenes. The two-dimensional backgrounds depict fun environments while leaving room for child imagination to fill in additional details.

Playmobil sets generally focus on real-world scenarios that reflect environments familiar to children. This helps them engage and build stories using their own experiences. Sets are also designed to work together, allowing various themes to be combined for even more imaginative possibilities. A child can easily have Playmobil cowboys team up with knights to fight off dragon-riding pirates!

Where to Buy Playmobil in Canada?

Popular retailers carrying Playmobil sets and figures include:

  • Mastermind Toys – Find a wide selection of Playmobil play sets along with themed accessories to build out any scene.
  • – Choose from Playmobil bundles, add-on packs and huge play worlds with free shipping on orders over $35.
  • Walmart – This discount retailer stocks affordable Playmobil starter packs online and in-stores.
  • Toys R Us – Browse Playmobil figures, theme sets and accessories suited for a range of ages.
  • Indigo – Find popular Playmobil sets like the family camper and horse farm online or in Indigo toy departments.

For the best selection and pricing, shop Playmobil online through specialty toy retailers or Amazon. Take advantage of sales throughout the year around holidays and shopping events. If you’re interested in Playmobil products in Canada, you can also explore online options to shop Playmobil in Canada and find great deals.

Educational, Engaging Toys for Young Minds

Both Magna-Tiles and Playmobil deliver open-ended play experiences that engage creativity and build vital skills for growing kids. These smart toy brands have delighted children for decades and stand out from flashy gimmicky toys. Parents can feel good about the learning, yet fun playtime happening with Magna-Tiles and Playmobil.

To get your hands on these great educational toy brands in Canada, shop online with major retailers like Mastermind Toys, Amazon and Walmart. Take advantage of sales, price match opportunities and free shipping promotions. Investing in quality toys like Magna-Tiles and Playmobil will provide endless hours of childhood fun while setting kids up for developmental success.


What are Magna-Tiles?

Magna-Tiles are colorful magnetic building tiles that allow kids to construct creations in 2D and 3D. The plastic tiles connect together through strong magnets embedded around the edges. Sets include squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and other shapes.

What skills do Magna-Tiles build?

Magna-Tiles promote creativity, spatial reasoning, shape recognition, fine motor skills, STEM learning and more. Kids can follow build cards or create their own unique structures.

What age are Magna-Tiles suitable for?

Magna-Tiles are recommended for kids ages 3 and up. The magnetic tiles are durable and can withstand rough play.

What are some popular retailers to buy Magna-Tiles in Canada?

Top stores to buy Magna-Tiles include Mastermind Toys, Amazon, Walmart, Indigo and Toys R Us. The best selection is typically online.

What is Playmobil?

Playmobil is a German toy brand known for highly detailed playsets and 2.5 inch human figures. Popular themes include knights, pirates, hospitals, zoos and everyday life.

How do Playmobil toys encourage learning?

The open-ended play promotes storytelling, creativity, cooperation, problem-solving and more. Kids act out narratives using the figures and props.

What age range is Playmobil designed for?

Playmobil is generally suited for kids ages 4 and up. The small pieces become more suitable for little hands as dexterity develops.

Final Thoughts

Magna-Tiles and Playmobil are classic, educational toy brands that have stood the test of time. Their open-ended play experiences engage creativity, imagination and a variety of developmental skills in kids. Parents can feel good choosing these toys that entertain through meaningful play. To shop Magna-Tiles and Playmobil in Canada, browse major online retailers for the best selection and pricing on these quality toys that will provide endless childhood fun.

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