The 4-Step Plan to Iftar Success

With the auspicious month of Ramadan in full swing, there’s a lot to be done, and top on the list is Iftar parties! Commemorating the breaking of the day-long fast, Iftar is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy a meal enshrouded in tones of togetherness. 

And whether or not you’re practicing, hosting an Iftar party for the loved ones in your life will go a long way, whether that’s family, friends, or co-workers. Don’t shy away because you might not know the ABCs of Ramadan or Iftar – it’s really quite simple, and with a little research you can host the perfect Iftar party that will result in full tummies and happy hearts. 

Here’s a breakdown on how to organize an Iftar party the right way:

Beat the Clock

While it’s not the end of the world if the food at most dinner parties runs a couple of minutes late, that’s not the case for an Iftar party! Iftar is all about punctuality, and the first make or break of your evening will be whether or not you have the food laid out and the dishes set on time. 

Not only is the timing a matter of religious importance, but your guests won’t want to wait around anyways. Think about it – they haven’t had breakfast or lunch, they’re going to want to eat! Set yourself up for success by putting a timer on for ten minutes before the set Iftar time, that way you’ll have a margin even if things run late. 

Refreshments… Aaah!

The first thing that your Iftar guests will jump for are the drinks! Think about it, they haven’t had even a sip of water in well over 12 hours – everyone’s bound to be thirsty! And the refreshments you offer will go a long way in declaring your Iftar party a hit or a miss. 

Be sure to stock up on ice cold water, light and breezy drinks such as lemonade or squash, and perhaps even go down the traditional route by preparing a batch of lassi. Believe me, your guests will be thankful for all the thirst quenchers you provide, and it’ll truly leave them feeling looked after. Just make sure that there’s plenty for everyone!

Get to Decorating

Just like all things festive, there’s a certain bit of preparation that goes into hosting an Iftar party, and the first step is the invitations. Sending out personalized invitations to your guests will not only make excitement for the evening sizzle through the roof, but it’ll also add that extra touch of effort. 

And now it’s super easy to stay on theme with these beautiful Ramadan poster templates by PosterMyWall. Not only will they serve as the perfect invitations for your Iftar party, but you can also customize them without having to go through all the hassle of designing from scratch – or breaking the bank! So pick a color and theme that goes with your set up for the night and get to sending, it’s sure to be an Iftar party worth remembering!

Prayer Care

With Iftar it’s not all about the food, it’s about the sanctity of the meal you’re sharing and the remembrance of a faith. Make sure you don’t overlook that as host and make preparations for separate prayer areas for both men and women. 

Preparing the perfect prayer place entails keeping it clean, lining it with prayer rugs or clean sheets, and making sure that the area is devoid of any pictures or toys as they disrupt the practice of the prayer. You should also ascertain the direction of the Ka’aba as those praying will need to pray in that manner, as well as requiring a place where they can perform ablution. 

The best part is that none of this takes very long to do, but it will do a lot to make your Iftar party stand out. Your guests will truly appreciate the attention to detail and it will make their night complete!

Just follow these steps and your next Iftar party will be a definite hit! Oh, and if you’re not a Muslim then it’s always a great idea to consult one when making preparations, you’ll be surprised at the benefit that a little reaching out for advice can bring – it’ll be a happy Iftar party for all. 

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