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It delivers a big puff and the smooth with flavourful vapour that satisfies even the most experienced vapours. This comes with a sleek and stylish design that will make you feel like a true vape connoisseur. It is also an incredibly effective versatile and even more comprehensive review of what creates the Crystal Pro Max 4000 and it is one of the game changers in the vaping world. The crystal bar has 4000 puffs that have been taken for the disposable market by the strom and it makes the smooth pull with exquisite flavours.

Features and specifications

When it comes to vaping finding the device that delivers both style and with substance can be challenging. That’s why the products stand out from the rest. With the sleek, design with the crystal look and then it catches the eye right away. But it is not just a cute face. The mesh coil ensures optimal vaping conditions, with up to 4,000 puffs. This product truly combines the best of both worlds with head-turning aesthetics and top-notch specifications. So whether you are looking for a statement piece that is reliable to go, the product has got and covered.

Crystal Pro Max flavours

When it comes to vaping the flavour is the key, that’s why we offer an extensive range of flavours for the Crystal Pro Max 4000 buy from Online Vape Shop:

Banana ice: Taste buds with the sweet and succulent notes of the natural banana that are deliciously complemented by the frosty chill of the menthol, and the crystal pro max that ensures an incredibly smooth to inhale along with the unique cooling effect that lingers your mouth. And with the added salt of the nicotine that guarantees you instant satisfaction in each of the times.

Berry Lemonade: A tart and sweet with a mix of raspberry, blueberry and lemonade that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. 

Blue fusion: Experience the delectable flavour of blue fusion in the Crystal pro max 4000 which is combined with three delicious fruits and this vape delivers a tantalising blend with earthy undertones. The succulent blackberries and luscious raspberries are included with the fruity goodness today. 

Cherry Cranberry: The Crystal Pro Max with the cranberry blend that takes to your taste buds with the extraordinary one, the juicy blueberries and finished off with the delightful cherry flavour. To make the indulgent experience one that you won’t soon forget. 

Cherry cola: Treat yourself to an exceptional all-day vaping experience with the juicy cherry in the taste on the inhale and finished off by the icy menthol that is exhaled. With the enjoyable and delectable combination for an unforgettable treat. 

Cola lime: Ready to tantalise your taste buds the cola lime is sweet yet zesty and citrus that is infused in the beverage flavour that makes you vape all day long Don’t miss out on the popular sensation in the vaping world with the experience it yourself for today.  

Lemon lime: The lemon lime is the crystal prox max of the disposable vapes that offers a refreshingly cool vape for the experience by combining the two classic citrusy flavours. If you like both sweet and lemon with the lime, then this vape is one of the certain to your favourite. With the irresistible combination of these two delightful fruits, everyone will love it.  

Usability and the design

The Crystal Pro Max 4000 is the device that you need in your pocket this is a sleek pocket-sized device that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also a draw activated making it super, easy and comfortable to use and no buttons are needed.              

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