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Shark tank

Are you aware of the popular show Shark Tank India Season 2 Release Date reality TV show? Everyone is got damn crazy about the emerging concept called entrepreneur related to startup and scaling your existing business model. This concept is famous nowadays, due to the fact people are aware of the rise and importance of working towards the completion of their dreams instead of others. Talking previously, Season 1 of Shark Tank India was super successful. During the telecast of this show, people used to stick to their TV. Everyone was excited as it displayed the presence of a new world that is not discussed normally nowadays.

Earlier such thinking was there, initially, no one leaving some individual does not possess to think out of the box. It was regarded as some alienable concept which is an imaginary concept. Now talking, everyone is aware of this concept of entrepreneur. It has also led to education related to various business concepts, which are taught generally in professional courses of post-graduation MBA. The jury members of the show are well-qualified from recognized institutions including IITs and IIMs. Such shows should be aired on a large scale as they talk about money matters which is the most important aspect in all walks of life.

Shark tank
Shark tank Season-2

What Is Shark Tank India?

Shark Tank India is basically similar to an interactive session where you are allowed to present your business plan with our highly qualified entrepreneurs. The pitch presented by aspiring entrepreneurs in the show is commendable which lets us know about certain technical concepts commonly used in the business world. Many people are curious to know how one can apply or get enrolled in Shark Tank India? This show originally originated in the USA. This show has led to tremendous success in countries like the USA, Australia, Britain, Germany, and Vietnam also.

After experimentation, this show is adopted for educating youths all over India as India stands in the race of developed countries. So we should be provided equal opportunities to compete. Looking at judges we come to the result stating that life is boring for a business person. Looking at their lifestyle, we come to know the importance of success. It is right that success is not measured by how much money you have in your account, but it provides you the ability to make use of money to ease your life. It is regarded as the biggest show with a high TRP in Indian history.

shark tank india season 2 judges

After the huge success of Season 1, it is officially announced that Shark Tank India Season 2 is to be organized. So a huge number of people look forward to presenting their business idea in front of sharks. All judges in this show are sharks of Indian origin. There are 6 Shark Rank India Season 2 sharks, named Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, Ashneer Grover, and Ghazal Alagh. They all are the finest entrepreneurs respectively with the required and deep knowledge compulsory for business scalability to generate revenue leading to increased profits to benefit individually for their desired efforts and advice, You can shark tank india season 2 download on Sony Liv.

My very favorite Piyush Bansal is a very young entrepreneur and CEO of Lenskart is a leading chain of eyewear and lenses. I forgot to mention his name so there is a rise in the number of judges to 7 members. Judges are so cool that they promote young talent and want to be part of various trending businesses which aim further to solve any problem or provide any remedy to existing solutions. They will provide funding for business scalability so if you are confident that your plan actually solves a typical problem, then need not worry they will provide backup financially regarding your business.

How To Apply For Shark Tank India 2?

This is the main question that is searched on google because a limited number of applications are accepted in every season. So this makes you apply for Shark Tank India on time due to a limited span of time or within a stipulated period of time. There are various modes through which one can apply for being part of a show or try to pitch before a panel of judges. You can watch shark tank india season 2 watch online free on Sony Liv, You can directly log on to or you can directly download the Sonyliv app from Google Play Store or App Store.

These are two main ways by which you can apply for Shark Tank India online and also through the app. There are simple guidelines and instructions through which you can submit your application which states or forwards your request to pitch for your business plan. Your pitch should be put forward in a confident motion and convincing manner to derive profits from your business so you can crack the opportunity of getting the financial backup required for business scalability. You should be able to present your data, so you should be able to answer every question placed by every shark.

What Do You Need Before Applying For Shark Tank India?

To apply for Shark Tank India, you should priorly download the Sonyliv app through your preferred devices. The registration process is a very easy process as on its app you have access to the application form. The process of registration starts when you enter your mobile number for OTP verification. After that, you are directed to a new page that tells you to fill in your details as per the fields mentioned. Registration, when begin, does not guarantee your entry into the show.

There are various parameters on which the selection of applicants is done. There are certain aspects that you need to follow while applying,

  • You should have a plan which aims at providing a solution to an existing problem.
  • There are a number of things you should be aware of such as how much is your sales, profit margin, and packaging if you are related to the manufacturing segment.
  • This is the main criteria that your business idea should be in the running market, it should not be only in your mind to get a clear idea of stats.
  • The main aspect is that you should have a strong will to scale your business provided with some initial investment from you and a strong will to overcome any of the challenges arising in your existing business.
  • Lastly, you should have a strong backup plan provided with proper financial aid.

Download Sonyliv App

App required for registration regarding Shark Tank India, you should download from Google Play Store or App Store related to android version or IOS version. You need to search in the search bar SonyLiv app and then install it. After that, you can download the application form in pdf form or directly fill the application through any of the ways directly online or through an app accessible through it.

There are various benefits that you get when you enter the show Shark Tank India adding fame to your personality as it provides a large market at a glance. 

  1. It lays your personality and product specification in front of some great successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Opportunity to showcase and launch your business with top investors.
  3. Network with the same mindset having people and also learn from their experiences that helps to grow your business.
  4. This is important if someone helps you during difficult conditions so a team of Shark Tank India helps you through the whole process of the entrepreneurial journey with their advice and guidance.
  5. Obtaining regular updates through the exclusivity of the show provides important information regarding business scalability.

I have mentioned only some benefits we get similar types of benefits necessary for our growth not only professionally but also boosts us in many ways such as being smarter and being focussed towards our expansion plans. Such lucrative ideas are delivered to you which on implementation in your existing business model increase their profits year on year doubling your profits further in the present scenario.

Required Fields In Forms

I am damn sure of the fact that everyone has filled out various application forms so every one of us is clearly aware of the required fields we need to mention in the application form required for reference. Below are some required fields in the form which need to be mentioned or your application form may be rejected or not submitted.

  • First name of the candidate.
  • Last name of the candidate.
  • Gender.
  • Date of birth.
  • Address.
  • Type of business.
  • Photo.
  • Educational qualification.
  • Business details.
  • Signature.

The above thing mentioned should be clearly mentioned to avoid delay in processing the form.


This show is going to bring a huge revolution since it makes us aware of various terminologies largely used in the day-to-day life of the entrepreneurial journey. Due to this people are getting aware of the importance of being entrepreneurs. This has simply led to rising in huge businesses without large capital investments. It has also resulted in crushing old beliefs that for doing business you should belong to the business working class and also it is done only by the rich class. This made people realize that being a businessman is so easy during this technological era just you need to follow your passion.

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