Best Games For Apple Watch To Play In 2023

To most individuals, the Apple Watch is a tool for tracking their activity levels, replete with customizable measurement units for activities, alerts, and, with the Series 4 and 5, the Apple Watch ECG function, their heart health.

That’s a good overview of the gadget, and with the addition of some great third-party Apple Watch applications, it may become much more powerful and productive. 

However, it is useful for more than just that. It may also be used to play games! You still have to take out your iPhone if you want deep, compelling mobile game experiences: the Apple Watch isn’t meant for lengthy play sessions, whether it’s due to the limited screen size or the necessity to keep your arm locked in a usable position. 

Despite this, the Apple Watch still has a variety of interesting activities designed for short bursts of entertainment. Developers have created interesting games for Apple Watch that work well, such as narrative adventures that unfold over time, role-playing adventures that reward concentrated engagement, and breezy arcade-style diversions.

Going forward in this article, we will be discussing the best games for Apple Watch that you could play if you have an itch for passing your time. So, let’s begin.

Best Games For Apple Watch In 2023

We have listed the best games for Apple Watch from almost every genre:

  • Cosmos Rings

games for apple watch
cosmos rings

Square Enix is best known for enormously successful RPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, but Cosmos Rings ($9) provides a unique experience: While keeping to a rather simple gameplay loop, it manages to seem big and absorbing. It’s a simple combat game in which you control the God of Time in battles against neon creatures, all while wearing it on your wrist. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch free.

You’ll die eventually, but you’ll be reborn stronger and more competent than before, allowing you to push yourself farther and further with each new effort. For the most part, Cosmos Rings can play itself, which means you can make progress even if you’re not paying attention, but you’ll perform even better if you’re tapping to swing your sword.

It’s a bit on the costly side at $9, but it’s also one of the most engaging games on the Apple Watch. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch Series 3.

  • Pocket Bandit

games for apple watch
Pocket Bandit

While most popular Apple Watch games emphasise how to wear the gadget and when to play, the truly memorable ones also showcase the hardware’s unique features. Pocket Bandit ($1) shines in this regard. It isn’t the most intricate or expansive Apple Watch game, but it makes excellent use of the device’s most distinguishing feature. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch.

In a nutshell, Pocket Bandit turns the Digital Crown of the Watch into the dial of a combination safe. You’ll have to open each safe by twisting the dial back and forth until the Watch vibrates, indicating the proper number to enter—and you’ll have to do this for over 100 safes. Overall, it’s rather light, yet it has a new and unique vibe about it.

  • Rules!

games for apple watch

When the Watch was first debuted, Apple gave it a significant push, and there’s a reason for that: What was previously fun and clever iPhone sorting game is now even more so on your wrist. Granted, the reduced daily tasks you’ll encounter now employ a two-by-two grid (four cards) instead of a three-by-three grid (three cards), so it’s not nearly as clever in its smaller incarnation (nine cards). 

It’s, therefore, a simpler chore to memorise numerous waves of sorting rules—in ascending order, only particular colour cards, only cards with characters facing right, and so on. Even so, this is a fun little brainteaser to wear on your wrist and use every day. It is one of the best fun games for Apple Watch.

  • Letter Zap

games for apple watch
Letter Zap

True, Letter Zap isn’t a particularly novel game concept, but this word-building game is a perfect fit for the Apple Watch’s small touchscreen. You’re given three to six letters and given the duty of deciphering a word from the mess. Before the timer runs out, enter the correct answer, and you’ll be given another puzzle to complete until you’re thoroughly baffled. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch Series 6.

It’s easy and uncomplicated, and you can complete a whole game in only a few minutes—plus, you may look away and stop playing at any time, and the game will continue to play when you return to your Watch. It’s not as polished and appealing as the excellent Four Letters on iPhone, but it gets the job done on Apple Watch. 

  • Lifeline

games for apple watch

Do you want to play a game that seems like it was made for the Apple Watch? Lifeline ($2) is a good place to start. It’s a storey in which you’ll converse with someone whose ship has crashed-landed on an alien moon, and his letters are solely addressed to you. His remarks come through in real-time throughout the day, which is a unique hook.

So if he has a two-hour trek to investigate a distant base, the game will pause and you won’t be able to do anything until he returns. You’ll get a buzz on your watch at various intervals during the day, prompting you to check-in, read the newest notes, and pick among branching alternatives that can change the storey.

This text-only adventure is a perfect match for the Watch, and it has truly set the standard for wearable games. It is one of the best games for your Apple Watch.


games for apple watch

KOMRAD is influenced by Lifeline since it takes Lifeline’s Apple Watch-friendly interactive adventure style. You’ll still converse with a character on the other end of the line, answering questions and making decisions that will advance the storey and affect its conclusion. It is one of the best free games for Apple Watch.

In this scenario, though, you’re attempting to influence a Soviet A.I. that has been alone with its techno-thoughts for 30 years to get secret nuclear access codes. With its poor, robotic English and the barriers it places in your path, it’s a smart notion that continues into the dialogue. Even the green-screen look may bring back memories of your first Apple Mac.

  • Elevate- Brain Training

games for apple watch
Elevate- Brain Training

Elevate (free) is categorised as an educational app on the App Store, but it feels more like a game than anything else especially on the Watch, with rapid-fire daily challenges that require you to solve various arithmetic and vocabulary problems in a matter of seconds. The wrist-held device Dash modes put your abilities to figure out what proportion of a number is accurate, correlate related phrases, and determine the proper spelling of a term to the test. 

Each exam consists of only three questions, and in the conclusion, you will be awarded additional points based on your EPQ ranking in the app’s phone version. Not only does it improve your brain, but it also benefits the number assigned to it by the app. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch SE.

  • Trivia Crack

games for apple watch
Trivia Crack

The hugely popular free-to-play trivia game is now available for Apple Watch, and it’s a very capable version of the iPhone original. Unlike many other Watch games, you may play whole games, including spinning the wheel and answering questions, from the tiny screen. It is one of the good games for Apple Watch.

You’ll just need to start each game from your phone, but once you’ve done that, you may play the entire game on either screen. With identical categories and multiple-choice questions, Trivia Crack (free) appears to be a condensed version of Trivial Pursuit. The freemium components unfortunately give it a pay-to-win vibe, but it’s still a lot of fun.

  • Letterpad

games for apple watch

This word game allows you to take your time replying while also putting your word association abilities to the test. Letterpad (free) displays a grid of nine letters on the screen and challenges you to find words among the chaos. But not just any words will suffice: you’ll also want to complement words that correlate to a clue.

So the hint maybe colours, tennis, or the supermarket, and you’ll have to figure out the words you can create with the letters supplied. It’s not as fast-paced as Letter Zap, but there’s more to it—and the Apple Watch version mirrors what you’ll see on your phone, allowing you to play from anywhere.

  • RuneBlade

games for apple watch

Traditionally, role-playing games have been enormous, expansive undertakings. Runeblade (free) on the other hand, allows you to play for a few seconds at a time and push a button to frantically slash at nasty fantasy creatures. That’s pretty much it, at least in terms of immediate action. It’s about as minimalistic as an adventure game can get, so it’s a good fit for the Apple Watch.

Granted, the action is so easy that you may lose interest, but the complexity comes from everything that happens outside of the battle, whether it’s honing your abilities over time, improving your armoured heroine, or simply enjoying the storey portions on your phone. The artwork is really beautiful. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch Series 3.

  • Tiny Armies

games for apple watch
Tiny Armies

Strategy games may appear to be best suited for larger-screen devices, but Tiny Armies ($1) demonstrates that a satisfying tactical experience can be delivered with minimum flair. It’s a turn-based game in which you move your soldiers across the screen to crush an AI opponent. You must carefully plan your actions because swiping in any direction sends your whole unit.

While the basic grids appear to be sparse, they are densely packed with concealed mountain, lake, and forest tiles, as well as enemy soldiers. The game is so simplified that it even works nicely on your wrist. Getting past the barriers to bash your enemies and secure victory demands some careful planning. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch.

  • Twisty Color

games for apple watch
Twisty Color

Developers may now tap into additional functionalities of the Apple Watch, like using the Digital Crown for input, thanks to the watchOS 2.0 upgrade, which has allowed more and more game kinds to reach the Apple Watch. Twisty Color ($1) isn’t particularly complicated or hard, but it does an excellent job of providing a fun, Crown-focused experience.

Pink, blue, and yellow balls drift in from all directions, and your job is to spin the Digital Crown to make sure each one lands in the right spot. It’s a never-ending high-score game with just three lives left, so you’ll have to keep spinning the wheel to stay up with the balls. It has the vibe of an old arcade game, and the simplicity is perfect for the Apple Watch.

  • LCD Games: Alien Invasion

games for apple watch
LCD Games: Alien Invasion

Remember how we said the Apple Watch needed to be simple like an arcade game? LCD Games: Alien Invasion ($3) is another example of this, paying tribute to the basic portable games popularised by Tiger and Nintendo decades ago. With the small translucent aliens and ships seen in the backdrop in all the unoccupied spots, it even looks the part.

The objective is simple: use the Digital Crown to navigate your small UFO from left to right, attempting to locate aliens fleeing Earth following a disastrous invasion effort. It’s game over if you miss one, so precision is crucial—as is the speed in the other game mode. This is a fantastic choice because of the retro flair and unlimited high-score activity. It is one of the best fun games for Apple Watch.

  • Bubblegum Hero

games for apple watch
Bubblegum Hero

Here’s another example of how Apple Watch games favour simplicity. Bubblegum Hero is as simple as it gets: simply hold your finger on the little screen to begin blowing bubbles. Release it after it has grown large enough to fit between the two circles on the screen, and you will receive a point. If you blow for too long, your gum will burst all over your face.

The two circles are continually growing and shrinking, changing the size of your target. This makes things tough (and entertaining). Your objective is to notch as many beautiful gum bubbles as possible while without producing a mess. There’s not much to it, but there doesn’t have to be: Bubblegum Hero is ideal for passing the time when you need to kill a few minutes. It is one of the best games for Apple Watch Series 6.

  • Brainess

games for apple watch

Elevate for the Watch is just a miniaturised version of the bigger iPhone app, but Brainess ($1) provides a more full wearable gaming experience with even more games to play. Brainess bills itself as a brain trainer, but it sometimes plays more like a brain teaser, such as when it dares you to tap the greatest number on the screen while others confuse you with increasing letter sizes.

Alternatively, you may need to press the colour of a word, even if the word is “green” but the text is blue. Other games feature math, memory games, and fast-paced counting activities, all of which are quick and simple to play on your Watch. It’s arguable if Brainess genuinely develops your brain, but the games are entertaining. It is one of the games for Apple Watch Series 3.

Play The Games For Apple Watch

games for apple watch
Games For Apple Watch

As you can see, the Apple Watch can be used for a lot more than simply tracking your physical activity; it can also be used to play a variety of fun games. Whether you want to kill time or embark on an adventure, there’s a game for you. 

The games you can play on it are not limited by the screen’s size, resolution, or touch controls. So you may keep yourself occupied by playing entertaining games for Apple Watch. We hope this article on the best games for Apple Watch helped you in knowing the best games!

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