Build beautiful low-code apps with HCL Volt MX Go and HCL Domino

Are you a Domino developer and looking to evolve, refresh, or migrate your Domino apps?

HCL Volt MX Go is the fastest, most affordable way to modernize your app portfolio on our low-code platform. Join us for this exciting 4-part webinar series tailored for HCL Domino developers, which covers different features of HCL Volt MX Go that enable you to modernize your Domino apps fast. This one-time registration provides access to all sessions in this webinar series. 

  1. Connect HCL Domino Apps and HCL Volt MX with First Touch and Design Import – Learn how to use Design Import and the Domino REST API to retrieve elements such as forms and fields from your Domino apps and automatically create them in a new Volt MX app. See a demo of the First Touch experience (designed for those without Volt MX knowledge) with a step-by-step wizard to simplify the connection between Volt Foundry and Domino.
  2. Get Started with Volt Iris and Foundry – Learn how to kickstart your development journey with Iris, Volt MX Go’s integrated IDE. Additionally, explore Foundry, which offers a range of backend services, data connectors, authentication, orchestration, business rules, and more.
  3. Build Beautiful Apps with Volt MX Go and Domino – See real-world examples of modern web and native mobile app experiences created in Volt MX. Easily take advantage of the preset widgets and assets and flexible UI capabilities of Volt Iris to build a new front end for your Domino apps.
  4. Try VoltScript with Early Access – Explore the new tools and ecosystem developed for a language that we have grown to love in Notes and Domino. The Early Access Program introduces VoltScript running outside of the Domino environment. Learn how to integrate with any environment without the Volt MX Go experience required.

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