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Abdu rozik

Talking Abdu Rozik is multi-faceted in many terms. He struggled a lot during his initial days, he is a self-built man. Are you aware of the popular show Bigg Boss? During the initial days, Bigg Boss was broadcasted on one of the most popular channels, Sony TV. Recently this show has garnered various prominence, owing to the fact that in every season along with local contestants international contestant is also invited to this show, which makes it prominent overseas also. Currently, this show is airing its 16th season. My bad! I am talking about this particular show and didn’t even let you know where it is telecasted. It is telecasted on Colors TV.

Firstly talking about the concept, this reality show is not only popular among local audiences but celebrities related to every industry follow this closely. All are aware of the current updates related to it since it has a huge fan following. The format of the show is to showcase the real personality of famous TV characters denoted as ideal personalities to break this taboo. This is an inevitable experience where the use of Social Media and mobile phones is restricted for a specific period that is roughly close to 4 months ideally.

Abdu rozik

Bigg Boss 16 Contestants

Bigg Boss is a show which is very popular among everyone it is not only regarded as show but also a life-changing experience. Bigg Boss is a show in which once any contestant enters the show on exiting the show either he wins or not catches the attention of a vast audience not only nationally but also internationally. Talking Bigg Boss Season 16 has gathered fame due to the arrival of international Rapper and Singer Abdu Rozik, and also famous popular faces of the TV serial industry.

Contestants participating in this show are there is the presence of namely bigg boss 16 list namely Abdu Rozik, Sajid Khan, Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, MC Stan, Archana Gautam, Shiv Thakare, Shalin Bhanot, Gautam Vig, Tina Datta, Sreejita De, Manya Singh, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Dr.Soundarya Sharma, and Gori Nagori.

There are in all presence of 16 contestants who all stay together in a house. In other words, we can say they are fully under the concept of house arrest. This famous show is hosted by none other than “Bhai” of the Bollywood Industry one of the famous and versatile actors Salman Khan.

Bigg Boss 16 Updates

Recently there was a disheartening moment as there was an exit of the most famous heartful and influential iconic figure Abdu Rozik. You must be wondering who is Abdu Rozik. He is a character that conveys the message so as to how to manage to bring smiles to every face connected to him in the house I bet you on the fact, that many people would stick to the TV during the broadcasting of the show, bigg boss 16 contestants. This show is the full package of delivering a bundle of raw emotion which is represented by contestants over petty issues without any facades or is not in a scripted format.

Abdu Rozik is a Tajik singer, musician, and boxer. He is very famous in Tajikistan for his performance during live shows and also in albums. We can regard him as a mature person compared to his age as he is only 19 years old. During his play in this reality show, he never got into any fight with any contestant, he loved all his family members and was also appreciated for his efforts by everyone. Being so an iconic personality but he is grounded in his life as he is actively a social TikTok star.

Abdu rozik
Abdu Rozik

Who Is Abdu Rozik?

Abdu Rozik was born in September, 2003. He is multi-talented, he is a singer, musician, blogger, and boxer. Talking about his education, he has only completed his schooling. He is suffering from a disease due to a deficiency of vitamin D. He belongs to the financially backward category. Once he was singing a song on the busy street of Girdoshv. He was noticed by a rapper who laid him to grow financially and also rose to mark as a popular figure in the music industry.

Talking about his parent’s profession, both are gardeners. When the rapper observed he convinced his parents and took him to Dubai where he trained him and made turned him into a singer like himself this opened the gate to success for Abdu Rozik and his family. Abdu is a boy who suffered from Rickets at a very young age, owing to his poor financial condition he was unable to undergo treatment for rickets. This resulted in his stunted growth, but he is very cute in all terms both personally and professionally which results in the growth of his social presence.

Abdu Rozik is a social personality figure, who helps in being famous in the media industry. Abdu Rozik was famous originally in the Middle East and Tajikistan for his online presence displaying his video related to music in Arabic and local languages. He also shares the stage with many elite stars from all over the world. He met with Iconic stars of Bollywood none other than Salman Khan during IIFA events where he sang a song in Hindi. He was such amazed by listening to a song that he suddenly offered to be a part of one of his favorite show bigg boss 16 contestants.

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The Journey of Abdu Rozik as a contestant is very inspiring because of his never give up attitude. I am sure you would love this character because as he is in his professional life he is the same in his personal life too. This is a big achievement as he has accomplished so much at a such tender age. He was bounded by every contestant present in the house he also has a caring attitude toward everyone. He is a grounded person as he has experienced the life of poverties closely.

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